Welcome to Wing Tsjun England, a site made to promote all thing WT and WC. Wing Tsjun England is a new branch of Wing Tsjun international headed by Grandmaster Sifu Thommy Luke Boehlig (Dai-Sifu Boehlig)
WT England is run by Jon Lewis, the national representative.
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or Wing Tsjun England. WTI maidstone on Facebook:
or email: J.Lewis@wingtsjun.com

Grandmaster Thommy Luke Boehlig, Head of Wing Tsjun International will be holding his first self defence Seminar in England on the 11th and 12th of Feb 2012.
Everyone is welcome along from veteran pros to absolute begginers. Come and find a new you and experience the amazing skill of one of the worlds best Kung fu/Wing Chun Martial artists.

Dai-Sifu Boehlig has taught special forces and tactical police forces from around the world and is one of the most influencial figures in martial arts today.

Do not miss this event!

Event RSVP page

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